We raise ducks. Hilarious, trouble-making ducks. They’ve outsmarted us more than we’d like to admit in their search for insects, fresh clover, and oat pasture. They’ll also accept organic grain feed from us. The health of our fields rely greatly on our ducks as they keep weeds and pests to a minimum, while increasing our soil fertility with rotational grazing in the fields.

Our flock is made up of 75 Muscovy ducks. We chose Muscovies because they are a hardy breed that has quite a personality! When they are excited, they coo like a pigeon and never actually quack.   

Our pasture-raised local duck meat is sold whole, which is perfect for roasting or cutting up to make multiple meals.  Muscovies are reknowed for their complex flavour and a texture that can be compared to beef. They range in size from 4 lbs to 9lbs. If you want to explore how to prepare this amazing meat, we are happy to provide delicious recipes and ways to enjoy this rich and flavourful meat. 

Within the Chelsea, Wakefield, Low area, we offer delivery of frozen whole duck to your door. And for those outside this area, contact us below and we will do our best to get you local duck!

If you would prefer fresh duck, please contact us to coordinate delivery times, as we can only accommodate this request twice a year.