our story

Ferme Réservoir started from a desire to share our reserves of food with you throughout the long winters. We’re all about winter evenings made for slowly roasting vegetables, cozying up with those you love and savouring simple food. 

We aim to offer a creative, thoughtful and delicious experience for each of our clients.

We both come from certified organic farming experiences, so that’s the only way we know how to grow vegetables. We strive to decrease our plastic waste, by using paper mulch and paper bags and reusing the plastic we do need. With the goal of increasing the diversity of organisms both above and below the soil on our farm, we provide beneficial insect habitats and maintain soil structure. 


Tom spent his childhood in rural England and always had an inkling that he wanted to be a farmer. His family then moved from Vancouver to Ottawa before settling in the Gatineau Hills.  His first farming experience took him back to B.C. on a small-scale, organic, vegetable and fruit farm, Klippers Organics. Moving closer to friends and family, he started a 4-year foray working on Juniper Farm, where he met his wife. More on her below. Tom is a master putterer and loves to watch the plants grow. He also builds, maintains and dreams up almost all the systems and buildings on the farm.

Abbi grew up on a hobby farm in rural Manitoba before doing a 10-year urban jaunt in Montreal. Her farming adventures led her to an orange orchard in Sicily, a dairy farm in Russia and a sheep finishing farm in New Zealand before landing in an internship on Vancouver Island at Tatlo Road Farm. She managed Juniper Farm in Wakefield, QC for 2 years before jumping onboard full-time at Ferme Reservoir this year. Abbi got a huge boost of energy this winter from delivering vegetables and ducks to people who really like local food! She is a master list-maker and keeps an eye all the details that go into running a farming.

Our farm is located on 2 acres of leased land in traditional Algonquin territory near the Gatineau River reservoir created by the Paugan Dam.