winter vegetable box

Our 2019-2020 Winter Vegetable Box subscriptions are full for this winter. All the spots were taken up by those receiving our newsletter. Leave your email below to make sure you don’t miss out for next year!

We're your stop for winter vegetables. 

We offer 8 deliveries of winter produce over a 14-week period, from mid-November to February. Ferme Réservoir provides local vegetable delivery right to your door! All of our seasonal vegetables are grown on our farm in Low, QC.

Sample winter box:

2lb orange carrots

300g kale mix

2 lb fingerling potatoes

5 leeks

1 blue hubbard squash


1 bunch radishes

1 bunch dried thyme

Sundried tomatoes

50g pea shoots

We’re excited to team-up with local producers to include surprises from friends like Vox Kombucha, Le Bar à Savon, Älska Farm or The Wax Studio. Our own surprises, like chutneys, dried beans and pickles, will be included to add some pizzazz to your vegetable box. 

Here is what one of our customers said out their experience last winter:

We have a big garden in the summer and supplement that with local markets. I hate having to buy imported, industrial grown vegetables packed in plastic. A winter box seemed like a dream - being able to have high quality, super tasty, organic, local vegetables for most of the winter. We really appreciated it. Only wished it could go on for a bit longer. - 2018 Winter Box Customer

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